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ABOUT US - quem somos

PPI Brazil is a gathering of worshippers from across denomination lines bringing genuine and tangible worship to God's people. Our music is presented in English and in Brazilian Portuguese. 

The Psalm Project International Worship Network and It’s affiliates exist to teach, equip, and encourage pastors, musicians, singers, worship leaders of churches, as well as, para church organizations in establishing, organizing, and maintaining successful worship ministries in accordance to scriptural principles on which this ministry was founded.

Established in 2004 while on mission to the West Indies, Founder Rob Moore saw a deep need within the church. With the younger generations wanting a real and tangible worship experience with Jesus, Rob felt a calling to bring this need to Lord asking for help in meeting this growing desire. While on his return flight the Lord spoke to his heart about establishing a network of ministries who shared the same desire. PPI was born.


For the past 13 years God has used Rob and those who answered the call to serve with him to bring real and tangible worship to millions via radio, tv, and concerts. Thousands of CDs and mp3 downloads have been given away as the Lord placed on the heart of Rob never to charge for the music the team uses or for the appearances they are asked to make. As a result, God has made available opportunities to minister the Gospel in powerful ways as Rob and the PPI Team deliver the unchanging message of salvation, deliverance, and healing to the lost and to the church.

In 2012, God brought Rob and, his wife, Deb to Brazil. Together they felt called to serve the Lord at Comunidade Da Graça Church in Atibaia, ( After sharing their calling with their pastor, Cezar Rosaneli, they entered into a partnership that has developed into a powerful alliance over the past 6 years. They currently serve as the coordinators and general overseers of the worship ministry at CG Atibaia. Although still making appearances throughout the region, their main focus is the local ministry to which God has appointed them.

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